A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

E.V.I.L is a mobile Conspiratory Read-em-up Action Puzzle game, based on a true conspiracy theory. As a senior EnVis scientist – armed only with your superior ethics – you seek to LEAK the E.V.I.L secrets to save the planet...


In the fall of 1961, a member of an underwater cleaning crew on the oil rig "Astra" died.

Following this incident, EnVis researchers found sea-algae producing vast amounts of bio-ethanol thru reversed photo-synthesis, contaminating the surrounding sea.

Realizing that this knowledge could mean the end of the fossil-fuel era, EnVis executives immediately moved to keep the secret from the public.

As a member of the first on-site research team, you seek to LEAK the information – but will you succeed before EnVis executives manage to censor the Project Aegis report.


Main platform: Ipad (ideally newer than 3). Playable on (but not optimized for) Windows.

Controls: Touch the screen to guide as many of the secrets (red letters) to the "Top Secret" stamp as you can before the time runs out. Don't touch the black censoring blocks, they will take your secrets away! Some specific words in the text have attributes that may help or block your progress. (Example: If there is a GATEWAY maybe you need to OPEN it?)

Anders Rauff-Nielsen, Rasmus Heeger and Ditte Deenfeldt made this game. Speaking about things and having opinions: Everybody. Doing stuff with code: Rasmus Heeger.


EVIL_WIN.zip 15 MB
EVIL_OSX.zip 17 MB